The Linkura Program

Linkura measures health- and stress levels in your organization to help you and your co-workers create a sustainable everyday life. We identify employees in need of support apply suiting actions in a timely manner. That way we help businesses increase productivity, decrease sick leave and reduce employee turnover.

The Linkura program primarily consists of two services, Linkura measuring and Linkura coaching.

During a Linkura measuring we map the employees stress load and lifestyle through an objective measuring with our unique ECG device and a validated health survey. After the measuring is finished the group results are reported back to the company. Every employee goes through their personal result with one of our professional Linkura coaches.

To help individuals who have been identified as in need of a change in their current lifestyle we offer the service Linkura coaching. During four months the employee works online together with a professional Linkura coach. The Linkura device is used during the whole period to give the employee insights in how their lifestyle changes affects their stress levels.

In a typical group of employees, about 10% is recommended Linkura coaching. After finishing the entire Linkura program, the results and improvements are reported back to the employee. The results of the whole group are once again reported back to the company.

Our statistic shows that 9 out of 10 employees at risk of fatigue, are no longer at risk after completing the Linkura program. They also estimate their own performance and energy levels significantly higher.

Our clients use the Linkura program as an important part of their annual work with the social and organizational work environment. The Linkura program gives you concrete and measurable results to the company’s annual health closing.

Decreased absence
(-40% year 1)
Increased performance
(+2% year 1)
Keep co-workers
(increased well-being +2% year 1)
Spara pengar
Decreased costs
(ROI +370% year 1)

For co-workers

Linkura is a modern, exciting and inspiring service based on Linkura's ECG device and app. You use the device in different occasions in your daily life, and it records the actual stress you are exposed to and the recovery you get when you are awake and when you sleep.

In addition to seeing your measurements, you get access to exercises and digital coach support with recommendations based on your measurements.

You will have access to the device, app, exercises and coach support for 12 months. By doing a measurement for three days, you get a full overview of your life situation and, if you wish, a follow-up meeting online with a professional coach from Linkura. In conjunction with the meeting, you will gain insight into your days as well as suggestions on programs and exercises tailored to your specific needs. Linkura's professional coaches have long experience of stress management and lifestyle changes.

Linkura's service is especially suitable for those who want to work with your personal development or if you worry about your stress level or sleep. Linkura has a zero vision against fatigue and wants to do everything to help you create a sustainable everyday life.

You wear Linkura's device
Your stress load is measured with ECG
Personal analysis and review of your data with a certified Linkura Coach
Exercise programs custom fitted for you
Free measurements in Linkura's app for 12 months