We have customers in widely different industries, both in the private sector and in the public sector. The size of our customers vary and we have both national and international customers.

Common to all our customers is that they are at the forefront of HR and digitalization and a focus on their employees. They work with sustainability and realize that their employees are their most important resources.

Malin NorbÀck, HR-Chef pÄ Kommuninvest

A sustainable living with Kommuninvest

{% trans "Vi ville erbjuda vÄra medarbetare verktyg och möjligheter att skapa en hÄllbar vardag, bÄde vad gÀller arbete och privatliv" %} - HR Manager at Kommuninvest.
Return On Investement 13 %

Increased productivity and reduced stress

The feeling of doing good things for you co-workers while also making a profit is magical - HR manager.
Logotyp för TNT pÄ byggnad

TNT on its way to having the best stress control in the industry

The program had a major impact on our organization - Stephen Naylor, CEO of TNT.
Lillemor BÀckeper ekonomichef pÄ Tenhults

The Linkura program reaches those who need help

It's very exciting to work with an innovative partner who dares to think in new ways - Lillemor BĂ€ckeper, CFO at Tenhults Pressgjuteri.
FörelÀsning pÄ DanagÄrdLiTHO

Increased work commitment after measures in stress and lifestyle

The involvement we saw from the staff from the first day Linkura was here is really lovely to see. In previous ventures it has been difficult to engage everyone at the company - Pernilla Wadell, CFO at DanagÄrdLiTHO.