Terms of Service

Terms of Service

By creating an account and using Linkura’s services, you confirm that you agree to the terms of the Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.


You acknowledge that Linkura is entitled to collect and process the personal information Linkura collects from you in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Changes in Contract

Linkura may make changes to the terms of use in its sole discretion. In case of substantial changes, Linkura will notify you. Linkura will notify you by posting the changes on Linkura’s website or in any other suitable manner. Your continued use of Linkura’s services after Linkura has notified you of changes to these terms and conditions constitutes your approval of such changes.

Grant for use

You are granted a limited, non-exclusive, revocable right for personal, non-commercial use of Linkura’s services.

Restrictions on Use

You undertake not to use Linkura’s services in any way that may violate any applicable law. If through your use of Linkura’s services, you violate any law or there is any suspicion of this, Linkura may terminate your user account. Linkura may at any time remove any material that you have posted in Linkura’s services on suspicion of crime.

In addition to the above, you agree to take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized use of Linkura’s services and its content. You are solely responsible in relation to Linkura and others for all activities made in your user account.


The use of Linkura’s services, including but not limited to its content, is at your own risk. Our services are provided in the current state. There may be a risk that information is incorrect due to misprints or technical shortcomings. It is up to you to evaluate the suitability of using the information provided in Linkura’s services.

In addition, Linkura is not responsible for any product or service that is marketed or offered by third parties in or through Linkura’s services or any linked website. Therefore, Linkura will in no way be responsible for any transaction between you and third party vendors of products or services advertised on or through Linkura’s services. No advice or information received from Linkura shall provide any warranty on behalf of Linkura in this regard.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall Linkura and its employees be liable for direct, indirect, temporary, special or consequential damages (including but not limited to data loss, interruptions, computer hacking, duplication or loss) arising from the use or inability to use Linkura’s services . If your user account is not working, contact support@linkura.se for assistance with correcting the error.

Special restriction on health advice

Linkura is not a medical organization and can not provide medical advice or diagnose. No material on Linkura’s website should be considered as medical advice or diagnosis. Disclosures and other information provided by Linkura shall not be used as a substitute for the consultation, evaluation or treatment of doctors.

Technical limitations and changes

Linkura will make all reasonable efforts to keep Linkura’s services operational. Certain technical issues or maintenance may occasionally lead to temporary interruptions. Linkura reserves the right to change or suspend, temporarily or permanently, features of Linkura’s services with or without notice.

Force majeure

Events of extreme nature such as terrorist acts, war, natural disaster, government decision, missing deliveries from subcontractors, expiratory circumstances, and comparable event beyond Linkura’s control, which could not reasonably be foreseen, should be attributed to force majeure, which means that Linkura is exempted from its obligations to fulfill its obligations under the terms of use.


You agree to replace and indemnify Linkura and its employees from claims or claims made by a third party due to, as a result of or related to your violation of the terms of these Terms of Use or your breach of laws or third party rights.

Applicable law and disputes

These Terms of Use shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Swedish law. If any provision of these Terms of Use becomes illegal or for any reason becomes ineffective, such provision shall be deemed to be separate from the other provision of the Terms of Use and such separation shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. Any dispute will ultimately be decided by arbitrators under Swedish law.

Last update 2018-05-14.