Digital Stress Checks for Companies and Teams

For companies that understand that employee well-being is a top priority

Digitala stressmätningar för företag och team

För företag och försäkringsbolag som förstår att deras medarbetare och försäkrades
välmående är högsta prioritet

Measure stress and recovery with a portable ECG for 3 days. You can follow your results directly in the app when it suits you.

Important Health Markers

Unique insights into your health based on your measurement and the latest research on well-being.

Increased Resilience

Better recovery and less stress in everyday life.


The stress check measures

Stress Level
Physiological balance between stress and recovery.
Sleep Quality
Weighted measure based on times in different sleep stages and movement during sleep.
Physical Activity
Pulse-raising movement divided into low-intensity and high-intensity physical activity
Self-evaluated Stress Symptoms
Risk of exhaustion measured via KEDS (Karolinska Exhaustion Disorder Scale)
Introduction to Linkura

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Linkura’s measurements help you track your recovery and stress so you can make small changes that make a big difference. Curious about how it works? Watch our movie.
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Together, we annually help thousands of individuals to better understand their stress and recovery with the help of the body’s own signals.

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